I've never done pilates before - do I need an assessment first?

It is not compulsory to have a assessment but we do highly recommend it if you have never done pilates before.

When can I start the postnatal classes?

The classes are recommended for women from 6 weeks postnatally, with clearance to return to exercise from your LMC.

Having a Postnatal Check is not compulsory before starting classes however it is highly recommend to ensure you are safe and get them most from the classes. During the Postnatal Check you will also be given an indivulaised programme to work on at home to assist in your recovery.

Can I bring my baby to the classes?

Yes, most women bring their babies to the daytime classes. However, once your baby is mobile and crawling for safety reasons we ask that at that point in time you arrange childcare or keep them restrained in the buggy or capsule throughout the class.

Who can attend the advanced postnatal class?

Check with your Physiotherapist (either in an appointment or in class).  They will be able to guide your progression to the advanced class. We recommend having attended at least 3 of the daytime postnatal classes before progressing.

Do I need a referral to see a Physiotherapist?

No, you do not need a referral.  However, if you do have a referral or any xrays, scans or information regarding your condition please bring this with you to your first appointment. If you require time off work due to your injury you may need to contact your GP or LMC.

Will my treatment be covered by ACC?
Treatments related to specific accidents/ incidents may be covered. 
Please discuss with your Physiotherapist at your appointment.