Women's Health Physiotherapy and Exercise Specialists, empowering women to make positive change.

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Rebecca Dodson and Stacey Law

Leaders in women’s health, Rebecca Dodson and Stacey Law both trained over 15 years ago as musculoskeletal and sports physios before their passion for working with women led them to specialise in pelvic floor physiotherapy, pre and post-natal exercise, clinical pilates and acupuncture. 

Rebecca and Stacy believe that they can make the most impactful difference to lives by both educating clients about their bodies as well as giving them the tools for how to get the most out of them. They bring this approach to all the clients they work with; formulating a tailored assessment and personalised plan that takes the individual into account. They also advocate using exercise as part of the treatment (where appropriate) as that allows them to see how a woman’s bodies responds when her muscles are engaged, and how to best correct any issues that may arise from that.

This shared passion for helping women rehabilitate and achieve their goals led to Rebecca and Stacey to launch Leto in 2015 as a specialist women’s health physio practice.