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PostNatal WOF

We encourage all women who have had a baby to come in for a Postnatal WOF Check. Even those who feel they have had a straightforward pregnancy and birth can be harbouring muscular damage or injuries that they may not realise. The sooner you can undergo a physical assessment the better. Within 5 - 6 weeks post birth is ideal, however, we understand this is not always possible! It’s better to see us later than not at all - we understand getting out of the house in those first weeks post birth can be difficult!

 Your Postnatal WOF Check will include:

  • Assessment of the recovery and function of your core and pelvic floor muscles, including an assessment with the Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS)

  • An individualised exercise programme to assist in your recovery

  • Expert Advice on a safe return to the exercise of your choice

  • Goal setting

NB: Please try and attend your postnatal appointment with a moderately full bladder as this improves the quality of the RTUS scan image.

For Postnatal WOF appointments with the RTUS machine at Greenwoods Clinic please phone to discuss times available.